Rebranding the UserTesting Panel: what’s changing?

By Supriya Gokarn | July 28, 2021
UserTesting panel rebrand: UserTesting Contributor Network

UserTesting began as a small company in San Francisco, California over a decade ago. Our goal was simple, we wanted to make it easy for anyone to get perspectives from real people. Since then, we’ve grown to a company that now helps thousands of organizations build better products and experiences by connecting them to their customers and users around the world. 

Over the years, the UserTesting Panel and the people who contribute their perspectives more generally, have been a big part of our story. We’ve seen people join us from around the world and contribute to organizations by sharing their honest and diverse feedback about a wide range of products, services, and experiences. As we continue to enable our customers to get real perspectives on any experience, we wanted the name for the panel to better represent the diversity, positivity, and energy of the contributor community.

Introducing the UserTesting Contributor Network

We’re delighted to introduce the UserTesting Contributor Network, the new name for the UserTesting Panel. In addition, members of the panel, previously called participants, will now be called “contributors”. Going forward, customers and contributors will start to see this new brand and name reflected across our product, app, and communications.

UserTesting Panel rebrand

How we decided on the “UserTesting Contributor Network”

When we were considering an update to the name and brand for the panel, we wanted to ensure that we were getting real perspectives from customers and contributors. So we used the UserTesting platform to talk to contributors and customers to understand the role that our brand plays in their lives. 

We found that being a part of the UserTesting community empowers contributors and gives them the ability to make an impact on the world around them. It also gives them a real sense of connection and pride. Our conversations with customers also made it clear that they love hearing the diverse perspectives that contributors share with them. They also spoke consistently about the positive impact contributors make in their teams and organizations.

Based on the feedback we received, we found that the “UserTesting Contributor Network” and “contributor” did the best job of conveying the impact that contributors’ voice and perspective has on brands when helping them to see things from another point of view and solve a variety of problems.

Expanding the new brand across our products

In conjunction with this change, you’ll also start to see new names for some of our other products as well. My Panel will now be “Custom Network” and My Recruit will now be “Invite Network”. These changes won’t impact the availability and functionality of these features. Over time, you’ll see these new terms reflected within the product, app, and in communications as well. 

At UserTesting, we’re committed to building a world-class experience for everyone who uses our product. We’re excited to continue building the UserTesting Contributor Network and to bring the power of real human insights to more users across the world!  

To learn more about the UserTesting Contributor Network, check out this handy resource.

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