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Weekly roundup: top resources for marketers

Steven Carr  |  August 01, 2019

There’s no doubt that the speed of business is accelerating, and that means marketers are charged with making decisions faster than ever before. Uncover how you can transform your guesswork into informed, customer-centered decision-making with some of our top posts for marketers.

1. 3 ways fast human insight is revolutionizing marketing

Why you should watch this webinar Today, marketers are expected to make informed decisions with less time than ever before. Discover how marketers are using fast user studies to validate their ideas in just a few hours.

2. The five best guides for creating a customer persona

Why you should read this Most companies think they know their customers like the back of their hand. Without human insight though, much of your personas are based on assumptions, and that’s just not enough. Unpack the five guides we’ve curated to help you build a deeper understanding of your customers and their needs.

3. How we leverage UserTesting: how marketers can bridge the empathy gap

Why you should read this Businesses today aim to surpass their competitors by providing customer-centric products and experiences. However, 75% of organizations believe they are customer-centric, but only 30% of consumers agree; we call this the empathy gap. Discover how marketers are leveraging UserTesting to bridge this gap and develop more customer-centric organizations.

4. 5 marketing terms your marketing teams want you to know

Why you should read this No matter your role, if you’re focused on creating world-class customer experiences, chances are you’re working with multiple teams across your organization. Leverage this post to stay on top of the latest marketing terms and get aligned with the teams you work with.

5. 78 marketing questions to ask (and how to test them)

Why you should read this Spectacular marketers are the ones who are always asking (and testing) the right marketing questions. Find out if you’re asking the right questions to improve customer experience,  compare your company to a competitor, improve social media marketing, and much more.

Want to learn more?

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About the author:

Steven is a Content Strategist at UserTesting. When he’s not inserting oxford commas where they belong, you can find him shooting pool at a local dive or laughing at his own jokes.