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January 2023 product release

Make customer-driven decisions with greater efficiency and collaboration

With another year in the books, 2023 is here. Regardless of what this year's roadmap entails, whether it's continuing a transformation or fine-tuning your digital experience, the start of the year is a great time to reflect, ignite, and align a commitment to your customers. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce UserTesting’s latest product release. We’re launching new features to the Human Insight platform that empower teams to make customer-driven decisions with greater efficiency, organization, and collaboration.

With this release, informed decision making is more efficient than ever with features that streamline workflows and facilitate collaboration like curated workspaces, screener question guidance, and highlight reel enhancements.  

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Make it faster for co-workers to find content relevant to them. Ensure teams can easily work together and share customer insight rapidly.

UserTesting hidden workspaces illustration

Workspace page: Ensure platform users get the most value possible by curating relevant content on a landing page that shows up when they log in. Curate tests and highlight reels into scannable, personalized views.

Hidden workspaces: Create communal environments where users with similar goals can easily collaborate and share. Allow account administrators to toggle access to workspaces to hide from general audiences. Integrate users in one account while providing centralized control over tests and session units.

Highlight reel enhancementsEnable your organization to make customer-centered decisions faster with improved highlight reel functionality. Share customer stories with stakeholders in an easily consumable and actionable format.

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