Freemium to premium: enhance your app subscription model

31st August, 2021 | 30 minutes

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Discover how to successfully build your app subscription model around your business

While free app subscriptions are a key driver for incentivising customers when your business is beginning to find its market fit; giving away too much can do more harm than good for your business. It’s time to show your customers the true power of your offerings and make your paid model the best model.

Transform your app subscription model to get your customers from freemium to premium by truly understanding where the value lies in your app for your customers.

Join UserTesting’s EMEA Solutions Consultant, Nathalie Miles Maloy to discover;

  • The key revenue drivers for building your app subscription model around your business
  • How to identify where the value lies in your product for your customers
  • How to retain subscribers and increase revenue when developing your freemium to a premium model

Nathalie Miles Maloy

Solutions Consultant