Enterprise organization

An enterprise organization is a large business that has the size and resources to dominate a specific market and is characterized by being high revenue and having many employees. An enterprise is a substitute term for business or organization, but in this instance, we’re referring to it as a company size. 


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What are the characteristics of an enterprise organization? 

  • Typically house more than 1,000 employees 
  • Expected revenue can be $50 million or more 
  • Commonly publicly-traded 
  • Can be globally-operated 
  • Made up of specialized departments 
  • Usually run by board of directors instead of the corporate founder or owner 
  • Can appeal to a diverse range of customers 

How does user feedback benefit my enterprise organization? 

UserTesting’s enterprise customers have included Microsoft, Burberry, and Adobe, among others, and our contributors’ insight has helped them evolve into the organizations you know and use today. 

Here’s a glimpse of what user feedback can help you do: 

  • Drive innovation and build competitive experiences 
  • Validate decisions to reduce risk 
  • Confidently make decisions after learning from your target audience