Sentiment Path

A sentiment path is an analytical feature, part of the UserTesting platform, that highlights positive and negative experiences as users complete tasks. Similar to other features like intent path, click maps, keyword maps, and more, they make up some of the many metrics—which are designed to save time by automatically highlighting contributor sentiment, intent, and behavioral insights.


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Leveraging features like these A) takes out the manual guesswork B) improves your customer experience by identifying actionable insights and C) accelerates your post-test analysis with automated insights that enable you to understand key trends and anomalies. 

How does the sentiment path work? 

Once you select the “sentiment” tab, you’ll be able to see color-coded sentiment indicators, along with the usernames of contributors, the sentiment they chose, and comments and timestamps. Green indicates a positive sentiment while red indicates a negative sentiment. 

Instead of watching videos one after another, you can hone in on moments with positive or negative sentiments, or solely areas with unexpected behavioral patterns. 

How should I use the data from the sentiment path? 

This metric is especially useful for: 

  • Pinpointing where users are getting frustrated during a web-based experience 
  • Discovering users’ first impressions of a web-based prototype  
  • Identifying patterns and unusual trends