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Scannability is the method of implementing formatting and writing techniques to make your site easily digestible for the reader.
A scenario is a few sentences that help set the stage for your test contributor. It appears only after a test participant has passed the screener questions and met the qualifications, and is the first part of the test that they see when it commences. A scenario may complement screener questions, but this doesn’t always have to be the case.
A screener (or screener question) is an opportunity for you to have bit more control over who carries out your test before they begin.
When it comes to testing, a script is a plan that one follows to ensure all tasks are completed successfully and consistently, leaving the contributor with plenty of opportunities to provide feedback. For you to stay organized and strategic, a script should be made for various types of tests, from usability and moderated tests to benchmark studies.
Self-service banking is a service where customers can conduct financial transactions and activities using devices and channels without going into a branch. This service is convenient for customers to stay on top of their finances at any time of day without being limited by long wait times or a closed bank branch or call center.
A sentiment path is an analytical feature, part of the UserTesting platform, that highlights positive and negative experiences as users complete tasks. Similar to other features like intent path, click maps, keyword maps, and more, they make up some of the many metrics—which are designed to save time by automatically highlighting contributor sentiment, intent, and behavioral insights.
Skip navigation, also known as skip logic, is a link that allows users to skip a chunk of navigational links to get to the main content.
A small business is an organization with less than 500 employees, according to the Small Business Administration. However, a small business can be classified various ways depending on factors like size, revenue, country, and industry, so there is no one set definition.
A startup is an early-stage organization made to fulfill a need a founder believes exists—and disrupt the industry for the better. Startups are typically funded by the founders themselves, or family and friends, as they seek out crowdfunding and venture capitalists.
A study is what you set up in an online research tool to answer your research questions.
It is an evaluation of a product with representative users and tasks designed to measure usability of the complete product.
A survey gathers data from a representative group of people, usually to understand a larger population. Surveys with large numbers of contributors collect quantitative feedback, while UserTesting tests collect qualitative feedback via video recording.
Series of questions that are used to gather quick information about consumer attitudes, preferences, sentiment, past experiences, or overall impressions of a brand or product.