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Remote focus groups, or group interviews, are similar to traditional in-person focus groups, however, they’re conducted remotely via video conferencing.
Remote usability testing is a method of remote research that uses an insight platform to record the screen (and voice, depending on the software you choose) of test participants as they interact with your product or experience in their natural environment—at home, in their office, or a specific location.
Use of video recording software to capture the actions and spoken thoughts of users as they interact with your website, content or other marketing assets.
The research method is the approach used to answer a research question.
A research objective, also known as a goal or an objective, is a sentence or question that summarizes the purpose of your study or test. In other words, it’s an idea you want to understand deeper by performing research. Objectives should be the driving force behind every task you assign and each question that you ask. These objectives should be centered on specific features or processes of your product. By having a solid understanding of the information you need when running your usability study, you’ll be able to better stay on track throughout your development process.
Retail banking offers financial services to consumers instead of businesses or enterprises. Also referred to as personal or consumer banking, retail banking is designed to meet the everyday financial needs of individuals. It’s how people deposit money securely and privately, manage their finances, and access credit—online or in person.