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Thick data, a term originally coined by Tricia Wang, is qualitative data (like observations, feelings, and reactions) that provides insights into consumers’ everyday emotional lives. Big data is quantitative data sets (collected at an extremely large scale) that may reveal patterns and trends relating to human behavior.
Study that is used to get verbal feedback from participants while they interact with your website, app or online prototype.
This unofficial “rule” in the world of UX design asserts that no page should take more than three clicks or taps to access. Or conversely, no piece of important content or information should take more than three clicks or taps to navigate to.
A tooltip, also known as screentips or hover help, is an overlay or callout that appears in certain parts of the user workflow on a digital product, containing helpful hints about less intuitive features. An appropriately placed tooltip can provide crucial information at the exact moment the user needs it, and is usually initiated either through mouse-hovering or keyboard-hovering.
A research method used to help you understand where people get lost finding content or information on your website.