A repository of acronyms, jargon, and useful words for product and customer teams


A/B testing, sometimes known as split testing, is a randomized process of presenting users with two different versions of a website—an A or a B version to observe which one performs better. Key metrics are then measured to see if variation 'A' or 'B' is statistically better at increasing business KPIs. Determining and implementing the winning variation can boost conversions and help with continuous improvement in customer experience.
Active listening is when before beginning to try to solve a customer's problems, you listen and understand your customer's feedback, needs, and insights. Design teams should make a conscious effort to listen to and engage with their customers, so customers can feel like their voices are being heard and understood.
The active voice is a form of writing that's more direct, concise, and explicitly states who's doing what. When UX writers use the active voice, it empowers users to take action and enables clear web copy.
When customer journey mapping, the actor is the person who is experiencing the journey.
Combine multiple different research methods in one study.
Affinity mapping, also known as affinity diagramming, snowballing, or collaborative sorting, is the process of creating an affinity diagram. Simply put, it’s when you gather qualitative information about your users and group it by category.
Agile has become the go-to development methodology for organizations that want to reduce the risk involved in shipping new products and features.