User-centered design

User-centered design can be defined as a creative approach to problem-solving that centers on users throughout planning, design, and development—customized to fit their needs. Whether you’re developing a digital or physical product, with the user in mind, you guarantee creating a product that’s both desired and user-friendly.


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What are the benefits of user-centered design? 

  • Higher ROI 
  • Increased likelihood of sales 
  • A more competitive edge 
  • A boost in customer loyalty and brand perception  
  • Reduced risk of lost time and budget 

Questions to ask to achieve user-centered design 

Consider asking your colleagues, and of course, your users: 

  • What problem are we solving for our users?
  • What are your pain points? 
  • If you had a magic wand, what would you change?

What are the user-centered design principles? 

While there’s no one set approach to user-centered design, design firm IDEO follows a six-step process. 

1. Serve your users first and the rest will follow

2. Design for speed and simplicity

3. Design for mobile

4. Create a consistent experience across channels 

5. Get user feedback, early and often