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Eliminates Barriers to Customer Interviews, Enabling Product Teams, Marketers, UX and CX Professionals to Rapidly Integrate Human Insights into Every Business Decision

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif – August 22, 2017 – Many organizations avoid or forego live customer research because it is expensive, slow, and difficult to arrange. However, the benefits of live interaction are unparalleled. According to Forrester in the report How To Recruit Customers For Research, “In the age of the customer, firms must balance quantitative methods with qualitative insights — and the best qualitative insights come from direct, one-on-one observational research with customers.”

Today, UserTesting, the most advanced on-demand customer insights platform, launched Live Conversation – an integrated, next-generation solution for more efficiently and effectively conducting live interviews with customers. Live Conversation helps product teams, marketers, UX and CX professionals make smarter decisions based on real-time human insights.

“We really appreciate the speed of recruiting and how easy everything was to use,” said Lindsay Hutchison, Associate Director of Experience Design at SapientRazorfish. “When recruiting live participants for Walmart, Live Conversation eliminated logistical nightmares – such as scheduling, travel time, and no-shows – and enabled us to conduct live research in days, not weeks or months.”

“The bonus of being able to run a live test while keeping the ability to recruit people easily from the UserTesting panel is awesome,” said Claire Menke, Senior Manager of UX Research at Udemy. “While we can still target specific demographics from a large pool of participants, we can also execute a deeper level of customer engagement with interactive, real-time two-way dialog.”


  • Save time with modern, technology-enabled scheduling and automatic recruitment of live video interviews. Customers choose the demographics of the participants and indicate their availability, and Live Conversation does the rest.
  • Start conducting interviews within days. Whereas traditional interviews and focus groups require weeks for recruiting and scheduling, Live Conversation interviews are scheduled with a lead time of only one business day. Customers can schedule interviews on Monday, and be conducting interviews first thing Wednesday.
  • Have open, two-way conversations. Customers can ask follow-up questions and dive deeper into new areas of interest. Live Conversation is great for securing insights during the early stages of development, such as prototype tests, discovery interviews, and testing marketing comps.
  • Immediately uncover and share insights across the organization. Interview recordings are integrated into the UserTesting dashboard enabling customers to view, edit, and share videos across the team. Interviews can be automatically transcribed to help teams more efficiently uncover insights.

“Companies have a love/hate relationship with customer interviews and focus groups,” said Darrell Benatar, CEO at UserTesting. “While they rely on customer insights, they hate the expensive, slow, and difficult process of getting them. In turn, neglecting to gather insights directly results in making uninformed – and often costly – decisions. Live Conversation completely overcomes this challenge by making live interviews fast and incredibly convenient, allowing all lines of business to easily integrate human insights into every business decision.”

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