How Evernote improved user retention by 15% with UserTesting

By UserTesting | February 25, 2013
How Evernote improved user retention by 15% with UserTesting

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Kudos to Evernote for continuing to delight their users!

They've been able to improve user retention at a rate of over 15% and see a dramatic increase in user engagement.

They've been using our enterprise solution to...

  1. Learn how customers interact with their service across different devices
  2. Increase user engagement by improving the discoverability of functionality
  3. Remove stumbling blocks users encounter when signing up and using Evernote

...and they're revealing their latest impressive results.

We spoke with Philip Constantinou, the VP of Product at Evernote, to get some of his thoughts on the benefits that UserTesting provides:   

5 Things Evernote Needs that UserTesting Delivers

  1. Testing across all 3 screens. With UserTesting, Evernote product managers and designers can watch the app testers’ decisions being made on the screen, as well as where the tester’s hands are physically tapping, swiping, and even resting. Because Evernote apps are available on all three screens (PC, mobile, tablet) across a wide array of devices, this feature is critical.“Through UserTesting, we discover devices and fix related ergonomics issues before we release anything to the public.” -- Phil Constantinou, Evernote VP of Product
  2. Fresh eyes. For Evernote, it was key to get their app in front of users who had never seen it.“In the past, we used beta testing together with forums to gather early feedback, but UserTesting gives us high-fidelity audio/video feedback much more quickly. Also, UserTesting lets us try out experimental versions of our applications, which is something we could not do with traditional beta testers.” -- Phil Constantinou, Evernote VP of Product
  3. Crazy fast results. Because of Evernote’s rapid development process (especially for mobile apps), they needed a usability testing solution that could keep up with their frequent iterations and agile process. They ship betas to large populations weekly and push releases to the public every six weeks. UserTesting delivers user feedback to Evernote within an hour.“On a slow Friday night, I have been able to push a build to UserTesting and receive quality tester videos in 20 minutes! It’s addictive to find out almost immediately what people think.” -- Phil Constantinou, Evernote VP of Product
  4. Cost-effectiveness. Spending tens of thousands of dollars on a formal usability study just doesn't fit their rapid iteration model. With no setup costs, UserTesting has proven cost-effective for setting up tests on demand.“With UserTesting’s Enterprise Platform, we can make big changes quickly, virtually eliminated the need for expensive and onerous formal studies. We can also set up tests whenever we want at a fraction of the cost.” -- Phil Constantinou, Evernote VP of Product
  5. Ease of use. Being able to take notes on videos and quickly create clips online has turned out to be a time-saver for the Evernote team, enabling quick sharing with stakeholders.“It’s really easy to sit there, watch a video and annotate it. UserTesting’s interface saves comments in exactly the right place. The whole process is almost effortless.” -- Phil Constantinou, Evernote VP of Product

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