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Deliveroo + UserTesting

How Deliveroo leveraged UserTesting to quickly determine new product feature names before launch
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About Deliveroo

Deliveroo is an online food delivery company based in London, England, with operations in 13 countries across 200 cities.

Deliveroo Achieved

Successful product launches


Stronger alignment between teams


Increased confidence to quickly adapt 


Deliveroo launched in 2013 with a mission to transform the way the world thinks about food delivery, bringing food from a locally curated selection of restaurants. Seven years on, Deliveroo is now one of the top online food delivery companies across Europe. However, as the COVID-19 pandemic changed the world, it had to quickly adapt in order to stay competitive.

Deliveroo identified that it needed increased flexibility to continue growing amidst market headwinds. In addition, it wanted to create an easier experience to exceed their diverse customer needs in every city. With new product features underway for launch, the team looked to their users to gain insight. In one example, they needed to know what name would best resonate with their customers. 


The team leaned on UserTesting to provide fast and reliable remote research for actionable human insights on how to pivot for success. 

Challenges from today's “new norm” meant that Deliveroo had to adapt its product and features during the pandemic to help restaurants reopen with confidence and prudence. The Deliveroo user research team used unmoderated comparison testing to research which product version best resonated with their current customers. Each product comparison had different features in the same context. The team could see and hear their customers 'think out loud' and clearly understand why each version was preferred. And this process could be rapidly repeated for fast iteration on concepts. The team then used these insights to uncover themes and trends that informed the strategic direction they needed to take. 


As a result, the research team was able to arm their executive team with actionable insights to make informed decisions on a go-to-market strategy in time for launch. This allowed Deliveroo to quickly pivot and release their new feature with a product name that they knew would succeed. Deliveroo is now looking to scale their UserTesting research across more teams. 

Lydia Howland Deliveroo
Lydia Howland Head of User Research, Deliveroo

My CEO praised my team for the speed and quality of our insights through UserTesting. The platform gives us clear decision in less than a day.

UserTesting | Customer Page Motfi UserTesting | Customer Page Motfi
UserTesting | Customer Page Motfi UserTesting | Customer Page Motfi