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Discover market opportunities and foster customer-centric innovation by gaining insights from our team of UX research experts on your customers' opinions, habits, usage, and behavior.

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Transform customer understanding into market advantage

A flexible service solution that offers tailored insights studies to address specific objectives in the discovery phase of the product development life cycle as well as enable organizations to make informed decisions about broader product positioning, pricing, target audience, market entry, campaigns, and communication strategies.

Study types available with Discover Insights Services

Attitudes and usage study

Our team conducts qualitative and quantitative research to gain insights into users' attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, and frustrations toward products, experiences, and services. This allows you to make confident decisions regarding product and design development, or branding and campaigns.

Insights delivery time: 2 weeks following completion of scoping

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Persona development study

Our team conducts qualitative research to identify representative user groups and their needs, goals, behaviors, and preferences, enabling you to design products, services, content, and experiences that align with the needs and wants of your ideal customer. 

Insights delivery time: 2 weeks following completion of scoping.

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Persona validation study

Our team conducts quantitative research to assess the accuracy, relevance, and effectiveness of personas created during the persona development process to validate, identify gaps, and refine them for enhanced accuracy and effectiveness in user targeting and decision-making.

Insights delivery time: 2 weeks following completion of scoping.

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Work with the industry's leading UX research team

UserTesting Insights Services is a team of UX and CX specialists with 200+ years of cumulative experience, guaranteeing research quality and continuity.

Get insights reports for

  • Product validation
  • Product discovery 
  • New market expansion
  • Product-market fit assessment
  • Brand positioning
  • Pricing strategy
  • Customer loyalty and retention
  • Brand perception and reputation
  • Product positioning and messaging
  • Market gap identification
  • Market demand analysis
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A broad range of capabilities 

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    Ensure design decisions align with real users' needs

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    Uncover usability issues and preferences

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    Confidently make product roadmap and feature prioritization decisions

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    Validate product concepts and ideas to ensure market fit and user satisfaction

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    Drive product innovation across your organization