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Usertesting customer story for Atom Bank

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Are you pressed for time to get feedback on your digital experience? Order one of our pre-packaged studies and we’ll deliver insights from customers in your target audience in 2 weeks.

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Early Stage study


Best suited for increasing product-market fit and reducing the risk of rework. Get feedback on your concept or prototype to ensure your experiences resonate with customers—before you build or launch.

  • Get feedback on prototypes
  • Validate design concepts
  • Identify gaps and unmet needs
  • Save time and resources
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User Experience study


Best suited for optimizing experiences to drive growth. Continue to iterate and optimize by testing live experiences to identify user frustration, delight, and potential competitive advantages.

  • Identify points of friction
  • Uncover nuanced perceptions and product comprehension
  • Identify points of delight and opportunities for further optimization
  • Compare with and learn from competitor experiences
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Early Stage Study

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User Experience Study

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Concept or prototype testing


Optimize usability for growth


Best practice research methods

Up to 40 participants from UserTesting Network*

Either desktop or mobile testing

Recommendations & findings report

Video highlight reel, full test results, full transcripts


* Participants sourced from the US, the UK, and Canada

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If you didn’t see a solution that works for your unique situation, let us know! Our team of expert researchers can customize a digital experience study to meet your needs.