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Hotel, Publishing, Technology, Retail, and Other Enterprise Brands Enlist My Recruit to Understand Pain Points and Deliver Better Customer Experiences

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif – October 24, 2017 – Today, customer-centricity is at the core of every business decision. According to Gartner, 89% of companies are competing mostly on the basis of customer experience (CX) “with the biggest focus on programs to improve the collection and analysis of customer feedback.”

To empower organizations with the choice to obtain human insights from anyone, UserTesting, the most advanced on-demand customer insights platform, launched My Recruit: a self-service solution that enables companies to rapidly run studies on websites or mobile sites with their own customers, partners, employee base or a niche demographic (i.e. not found on the UserTesting panel). Microsoft, InterContinental Hotels Group, NEJM Group and other enterprises are already using My Recruit to gather insights – from anyone, anytime – that drive business decisions.

With the availability of My Recruit, product teams, UX professionals, marketers and digital leaders now have the flexibility to collect real-time, actionable insights from UserTesting’s robust panel of over a million participants or from highly-targeted segments to understand their users’ pain points and build better products.

Recruiting Customers: Microsoft

“My Recruit gave us the flexibility to more efficiently gain the insights we needed from various customer segments,” said Jeremy Barksdale, User Experience Research at Microsoft. “Uncovering frustrations and delights that IT Admins, Developers, and non-technical line of business users experience with our business products is crucial to providing them with a great experience.”

Recruiting Employees: InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG)

“We have many proprietary hotel management systems, so it’s critical that we use a private community of users, including employees and franchise hotels, to collect insights,” said Andy Smith, User Experience Manager of Global Revenue Systems at IHG. “My Recruit is both private and fast! I now have complete control over setting up and distributing our tests, saving a significant amount of time.”

Recruiting a Niche Demographic: NEJM Group

“While we value the UserTesting panel, our niche professional audiences – clinicians, medical educators, clinical researchers and healthcare executives – are hard to find,” said Roger Feinstein, Director of Market Intelligence at NEJM Group. “To add to the challenge, for many studies we prefer participants to be subscribers to one of our products. My Recruit made it significantly faster and easier to reach our subscriber base and gather the customer insights we need to improve our websites.”

UserTesting enables companies to put their customers at the center of every business decision by leveraging the power of human insights. The most advanced on-demand customer insights platform, UserTesting enables product managers, UX researchers and designers, marketers, and digital executives to connect with their exact target customer in a matter of hours and uncover actionable insights that drive ROI. More than 35,000 companies have adopted UserTesting to make smarter business decisions throughout the design and development of their digital experiences as well as in their marketing messaging and competitive positioning. For more information, visit

Jennifer Moebius