Introducing CEO Andy MacMillan: “It’s where technology meets people that makes it valuable”

By Andy MacMillan | May 31, 2018
Introducing CEO Andy MacMillan: “It’s where technology meets people that makes it valuable”

Hello! Recently I had the immense privilege of joining UserTesting as CEO. I’ve been overwhelmed by the warm welcome and support shown by our founder and now Executive Chairman of the Board Darrell Benatar, our team, and our customers. As more and more of our interactions with the brands we love move to a digital experience, it’s paramount that companies put their customers at the center of their brand experience. What I find so exciting about UserTesting is how we enable our customers to do exactly that—to find and interact with their own customers easily and in a way that facilitates impactful, human insights on any aspect of their product experience.

Where I’ve been, what I’ve learned

The importance of this feedback especially resonates with me because I’ve spent my entire career in software product development.

Technology does amazing things but it’s where technology meets people—the customer experience—that makes technology most valuable to us as individuals.

As a product manager at Oracle and then the COO of the Product group at Salesforce, I saw first hand how important the experience of the technology was to our users. Most recently, I was the  CEO at a leading Marketing Automation company, Act-On Software. At Act-On we evolved from being a niche player to a visionary in our space by both focusing on our customer and by helping those customers scale their digital experience platforms. We created a concept called ‘adaptive journeys’ that helps marketers provide a personalized digital experience for each of their customers or prospects. The secret to doing this was, again, putting the customer and their interests at the center of every decision.

My commitment to you

As CEO of UserTesting my commitment to you, our customer, is to continue this focus on providing you the ability to quickly and effectively capture human insights regarding your message, your product, your strategy, or your customer experience. We believe the speed of technology has often eclipsed the quality of the human interactions with that technology—and we believe putting your customers at the center of your experiences can change that.

Learn more

For more information on this exciting growth phase, check out the official announcement here.

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Andy MacMillan

Andy brings 20 years of enterprise SaaS experience to UserTesting. As a former product executive at Oracle and Salesforce, he saw the critical role that customer centricity plays in creating great experiences. By helping companies become more customer-centric, he has grown multiple enterprise SaaS businesses to hundreds of millions of dollars.