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Introducing Marketing Insight: fast feedback that enables marketers to put customers first

Tom Valentin  |  October 14, 2019

Marketing Insight empowers marketers with the on-demand customer feedback they need to drive revenue and ensure their brands are making an emotional connection with customers.

Marketers play a central role in the success of modern companies—connecting products and services to customers. At the same time, they must balance business priorities like improving brand reputation, increasing customer loyalty, generating demand, driving revenue, and much more. Not to mention, the scope of responsibilities marketers face has only expanded as organizations attempt to keep up with the ever-evolving needs of the customer in this Experience Economy.

This leaves marketers little time to make decisions, often forcing them to rely on hunches gleaned from historical data and trends. Although analytics can help, they can’t explain what customers are thinking, let alone what they need. That’s important information. To capture these actionable customer insights, marketers turn to traditional market research that typically takes far too long to fit within the already tight timelines marketing organizations are challenged with.

So how can we empower marketers to be the driving force behind a customer-centric (even obsessed) organizational mindset with what little extra time they have?

Introducing Marketing Insight

Marketing Insight, currently in private beta, is designed for marketers to generate customer feedback and actionable insights for the most pressing strategic, creative, and analytical marketing questions. Built on top of our powerful research platform, and a continuation of our Insight Apps strategy—first announced with the launch of Product Insight—Marketing Insight empowers marketers with the on-demand customer feedback they need to drive revenue and ensure their brands are making an emotional connection with customers.

The best part? Our Insight Apps are designed for anyone to use (not just trained researchers), so businesses can scale insights throughout their organization to put the voice of the customer in the hands of anyone focused on delivering better customer experiences.

Marketing Insight Dashboard

How Marketing Insight helps marketing teams

Marketing Insight helps marketers learn directly from their customers at every stage of their journey, enabling them to fine-tune awareness, conversion, or loyalty campaigns based on a richer understanding of their target audience.

Through pre-defined tests that can be launched in moments, and pre-formatted reports that immediately identify key insights, marketing teams have the information they need—in hours instead of weeks—to build segmentation strategies, campaign designs, brand messaging, ad creatives, and more without the need to watch hours of video.

Built around two breakthrough features

Like Product Insight before it, Marketing Insight will leverage Quick Answers and Live Conversation as the two mechanisms for capturing customer feedback.

  • Quick Answers: tests designed and written by research professionals, to collect customer feedback and provide guidance to the most common marketing problems. The tests launch in minutes, with just a few inputs from marketers, and a highlight reel of customer feedback is automatically generated.
  • Live Conversation: UserTesting recruits and schedules live video interviews with target customers—usually in under a day. Marketers also have the option of interviewing their own customers.

Research can seem intimidating, time-consuming, and costly, but these hurdles are easily addressed with the Marketing Insight platform. Now, marketing teams are able to move away from making hunch-based decisions as they deliver brand experiences customers want to engage with time and time again.

For marketers interested in participating in our Beta, please sign up and our product team will reach out to you.

Want to try Marketing Insight today?

Sign up for a 30-day free trial to see for yourself how real human insight can bring you closer to your customers.

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About the author:

Tom is the Director of Product Marketing at UserTesting where he's helping build the next generation of Insight Apps for customer-centric teams everywhere.