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UserTesting success story: PromonTech increases NPS and boosts transparency with fast human insights

| July 17, 2018
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PromonTech is part of the Promontory MortgagePath family, a leading mortgage service provider, which creates and supports technology solutions for the mortgage industry.

Laureen Harris, content manager at PromonTech, whose mission is to enhance engagement and enjoyment for PromonTech customers, recently shared with us PromonTech’s approach and commitment to the customer experience (CX) as key to their success:

Building a transparent mortgage industry

People are stressed out as it is just thinking about their finances. To ease some of that burden, PromonTech envisions a mortgage industry that is transparent, efficient and understandable.

To ensure and validate that its flagship app, Borrower Wallet, embodies PromonTech’s vision and offered its customers a frictionless and transparent mortgage application experience, PromonTech enlisted UserTesting. Harris said,

We’re an agile shop, so we have to be able to do customer experience research quickly. If we had to recruit usability testers, rent space or bring them here, schedule everything, have observers set up equipment, we just wouldn’t be able to move at the speed of our business. UserTesting delivers all this and the results in hours.

By capturing human insights with UserTesting, PromonTech discovered that there were parts of the Borrower Wallet’s application checklist that people found confusing. After completing the checklist and clicking ‘Apply Now’, people expected to be done filling out forms, but instead were surprised to find even more forms they needed to fill out. Harris added, “To improve the experience and preserve the integrity of the checklist, we immediately took measures to better communicate all of the required steps in the application checklist, before the ‘Apply Now’ button. Customers could now accurately predict what came next which removed any unwanted surprises.”

Today, when all of the required steps in the Borrower Wallet application checklist have been completed, customers are presented with a ‘Congratulations!’ page. It is now clearly conveyed that there is nothing else required and their application has been submitted for review.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) rises 250%

To make sure the changes met and exceeded customers’ overall satisfaction, PromonTech measured the Net Promoter Score (NPS) of the Borrower Wallet app before and after making the changes to the checklist. Before the changes, the app’s NPS was -43.

After the changes, the app’s NPS was 67—a more than 250% increase in customer satisfaction!

With more intuitive technology for lenders and consumers alike, PromonTech is creating a customer-centric, collaborative, and transparent future for everyone in the mortgage industry.

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