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Vistaprint + UserTesting

How Vistaprint averted disaster by discovering the source of a 16% spike in page exits
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About Vistaprint

Vistaprint, a Cimpress company, empowers millions of business owners worldwide to market themselves professionally. Its wide range of quality products and affordable prices, along with design tools suited to every skill level and need, mean everyone can create the customized materials they need to get their message across. Learn more at

Vistaprint Achieved
Immediate identification of gaps in user experience
Total business cards printed with expanded lineup
Improved product portfolio with greater satisfaction


Founded more than 20 years ago, Vistaprint prides itself on empowering millions of small business owners by giving them access to the same high-quality, custom-printed marketing products typically only available to larger enterprises.

They embarked on a redesign of their “All Products” page to better serve their customers. What had previously displayed a long list of text alongside pictures of the corresponding product was updated to be more visually appealing. However, web analytics revealed that the updated design resulted in a 16% increase in the page’s exit rate and also led to a 68% spike in the use of navigation links rather than links on the page. Moreover, on mobile phones, the image-heavy page had a lower click-through rate than the previous text-based list.


Vistaprint was already very familiar with UserTesting, having used the platform to augment their in-person and remote tests in the past. For this project, they decided to have study contributors focus on the specific problem at hand, giving them prompts as they navigated this newly launched portion of the website.


As Vistaprint’s team reviewed the recordings of the studies, the core issue became clear. While the new design was much prettier, it was also much less functional. The new page made it harder for consumers to skim quickly, and the two-step process of clicking to reveal product details required more work.

With the challenges identified, the team revisited the page and developed a new design. Once the pictures were replaced with text, engagement returned to pre-update levels.

"We help small business owners create the products they need to get the job done, and UserTesting helps Vistaprint get our work done!"

UX Researcher, Vistaprint