Customer Experience Narratives (CxNs)

While customer experience (CX) is known as the way a user feels about interacting with your brand or product, Customer Experience Narratives (CxNs) is the dataset generated from user feedback entries received through the UserTesting platform.


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How do CxNs differ from simple video recordings? 

CxNs offer more context and richer detail and data than simple video recordings—including better user insights and actionable next steps. To generate a CxN, UserTesting’s capture technology processes four streams of data, including on-screen, real-world recordings through video, voice through audio, facial expressions through video, and for digital properties, the related interactions through clickstream data. All of these combine with audience profile questions and task data to produce insights in the context of a user’s overall experience.

Capture technology provides a rich set of data to build robust machine-learning models that help customers get to insights faster. For instance, natural language processing can be used to identify moments of positive and negative sentiment from test participants. Meanwhile, image-based models can identify actions and important flows that can be visualized in interesting ways through the platform. 

You can also interact with CxNs, by adding tags and comments or making clips to turn into a highlight reel. These features help you uncover trends and patterns or build a persuasive case to optimize your product or experience. These interactions also give UserTesting a unique source of data to refine our machine learning models further, creating more value for you and your testing needs. 

How can I manage my CxNs audience with UserTesting? 

You can collect insights from either broad or specific sets of participants using the platform’s global Contributor Network, Custom Network, Invite Network, or customer communities of test subjects. There’s a network for any need, whether you want a link to send to someone specific, recruit based on your requirements, or leverage UserTesting’s network, comprised of contributors from over 40 countries. In addition, the platform takes all of the administrative work off your hands, including audience recruitment, profile management, onboarding and support, and more—leaving you with more time to focus on analyzing your test insights.