Multichannel testing

Multichannel testing tests if your users have a consistent and similar experience across multiple channels and devices.


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How to conduct multichannel testing?

Test participants complete a task on one channel or devices like a tablet, mobile phone, or desktop. Then, they complete the same task on another device to test how consistent the experiences are.

Another testing method that's faster and less expensive is having multiple participants complete a task on various devices. For example, group A completes the study on a tablet, group B on a desktop, and group C on a mobile phone. 

Why is multichannel testing helpful?

Multichannel testing ensures a consistent user experience across varying devices. Picture this, you're browsing a website on your desktop, but for convenience, you shift to mobile. Suddenly, the scrolling experience isn't as seamless, and the website isn't mobile responsive, leading to difficulties when completing tasks. To alleviate inconveniences, implement multichannel testing to examine how intuitive software is for users when working with different devices. 

While there’s a lot to plan for and consider when conducting multichannel testing, the payoff is rewarding: your team gets a full picture—from your customer's perspective—of what it’s like to experience a series of interactions across the touchpoints that matter.