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Create content and campaigns that your customers will love

Get fast feedback from your customers on your marketing messaging, creative, and campaigns. With Marketing Insight, real customers tell you—in their own words—if your content resonates.

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Tests designed for marketing team Image
Tests designed for your entire marketing team

With pre-formatted tests designed for common marketing use cases, you can launch tests in minutes and get insights back within hours.

Feedback made easy, with a powerful research platform

Tests are designed by research pros, so you can focus on the insights instead of writing questions. Customer feedback is captured on video and broken down into easy-to-consume clips with short written summaries.

Intutive Experience
Sameday Video Interviews Platform MI image
Same-day video interviews

Live Conversation lets you recruit and schedule live interviews with your target customers in less than a day. Share screens, take notes, review transcripts, and easily send recordings to colleagues.

Marketing Insight is part of the UserTesting Human Insight Platform
Visit the UserTesting Knowledgebase for an overview and tips to get started.

Feedback for marketers

Marketing insight Faster

Embed fast customer feedback in your workflows to improve campaign performance

Marketing insight Intutive

Simple setup and automatic highlight reels make capturing customer feedback a breeze.

Marketing Insight Versatile

Improve channel performance for your entire marketing funnel—from acquisition to loyalty, and everything in between.