Customer Feedback System

Test and validate with same-day insights.

Gain visibility into how users think, feel, and interact using self-guided tests, and get fast, actionable feedback from real people in just a few hours.

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Build a custom test framework in minutes

Test builder is your toolkit for building the foundation of a quality usability test. Create custom tasks or questions using configurable drag-and-drop components, select an unlimited number of participants, and refine by key demographics to produce quality results.

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Launch quickly with reusable templates

Some tests are used more frequently than others. Study templates make repeatability a breeze. Save your most commonly-used tests or choose from our industry-validated templates without starting from scratch every time.

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Measure the customer experience

Great experiences are measurable. Our test analytics help you quantify those experiences using multiple choice questions, written responses, and rating scales. When you’re ready to analyze user satisfaction, simply export for an easy look at the big picture.

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Multi-device testing made simple

Self-guided tests may be launched for websites, prototypes, and app-based products at any stage of development. Whether you’re testing a mobile or desktop experience, it’s simple to launch tests anytime, anywhere.

Helpful resources

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Gaining executive buy-in for user research

To move your user-centered strategy forward, you need executive buy-in. 

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The complete guide to user testing websites, apps, and prototypes

Uncover actionable insights your teams can use to make faster, better decisions.

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Get the right customer insight platform

There are a lot of great products out there, and no one wants to waste time and money purchasing a solution that goes unused.