UserZoom Customer Support


Provided that Customer remains current in its payment obligations to UserZoom, UserZoom will provide the following support for problems that Customer has or experiences with an Ordered Software Service that are verifiable and reproducible as a failure of an Ordered Software Service to conform to its Documentation. Capitalized terms used but not defined in this Customer Support Services Exhibit shall have the meanings given to them in the Agreement.

Please note the purposes of this Customer Support Services Exhibit the Ordered Software Service shall exclude UserZoom Go and EnjoyHQ products. In the event you require support with this product please contact UserZoom Go's support team by email at and through the EnjoyHQ live chat for EnjoyHQ.

Support Hours

Technical Support is provided from 12 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday through Friday, excluding all U.S. holidays (“Support Hours”) by e-mail at Please note that if tickets require escalation, Technical Support hours may vary. UserZoom shall track and log all support requests, and Customer may email UserZoom at any time to inquire about a support request. Emails received outside of support hours will be collected, but no action can be guaranteed until the next business day.

Incident Priority and Response Times

The following guidelines will be used to determine priority of incidents and response timeline. UserZoom will determine severity in its sole discretion. To enable such support, Customer must report technical issues in a timely manner to its designated UserZoom support contact(s) and provide reasonable assistance as requested by UserZoom to diagnose and resolve such issues.

When Customer logs a support request in accordance with the process described above, UserZoom will (a) acknowledge the request as soon as is reasonably practicable and, in any case, in accordance with the table below, (b) use reasonable commercial efforts to resolve each significant error by providing a reasonable workaround, an object code patch or a specific action plan for how UserZoom will address the problem, (c) provide an estimate of how long it believes it will take to resolve the problem, and (d) provide ongoing updates pursuant to the table below.

PriorityDescriptionResponse Initiated WithinFollow-up Feedback (status update)
1 - CriticalUnable to use system, critical impact on operations (i.e., system is down)Immediate up to 30 minutesEvery 4 hours or as agreed at time of incident
2 - Major Able to use system, critical impact on operations (i.e., Customer cannot log in, Study is not launching or is collecting the wrong data)Immediate up to 2 hoursEvery 24 hours or as agreed at time of incident
3 - MinorAble to use system, operations impacted (i.e., issues and bugs that block Customer’s activities on the system when the applicable Study is currently live and launching the same day, with results being due the same day, or similar issues and bugs but Study launch is not immediately required or urgent)Immediate up to 8 hoursAs agreed at time of incident
4 - ProceduralProcedure presently available to circumvent (issues and bugs that do not block Customer’s activities on the system because a workaround exists, or where such issues and bugs do not have a direct impact on the applicable Study)Immediate up to 24 hoursAs agreed at time of incident


Note: If a support request is made outside of Support Hours, the clock begins to run when the next block of Support Hours commences.


Any problems caused by (a) use of an Ordered Software Service by Customer in a manner not in accordance with the Agreement or the applicable Order Form; (b) Customer’s breach of its obligations contained herein or in the applicable Order Form; (c) modifications to the Ordered Software Service not made or authorized by UserZoom; or (d) a failure by Customer to procure the minimum software and equipment needed to properly access and use the Ordered Software Service (including without limitation, the requirements set forth at (collectively, “Access Equipment”) or problems with the Access Equipment, are not covered by Technical Support, and Customer shall be responsible for paying UserZoom’s normal reasonable charges and expenses for time or other resources provided by UserZoom and requested by Customer to diagnose or attempt to correct any such problems.