Further information for study creators

Who is my data controller?

To the extent that you provide personal data (e.g. audio or video recording) as part of a test that you create or participate in (“Test”), you are the data controller, and UserTesting acts as a data processor. Please note, we do not control how your organisation use and share your information. You will need to contact such Study Creators directly for information about their privacy practices or to exercise rights you may have.

UserTesting is your data controller, to the extent that we collect or you provide any other personal data

What personal data do we collect and why? 

We collect information from you when you use the applicable self-service digital user testing and customer experience measurement solution(s) (the “Platform”), including to create studies, contact us by email or other means (i.e. any other ticketing function) or otherwise interact with us on other properties that we operate.

We may collect the following types of data from you: 

  • Identity Data. This is information that helps us identify who you are, like your name, email address/userID and organisation or workgroup name.  
  • Contact Data. This is information that details how we can contact you, like your email address, telephone number or postal address.
  • Survey Data. This is any information which you upload to the Platform or which is generated through Studies carried out on the Platform, like Test questions, responses and other data.
  • Observed Data. This is information about your online browsing behaviour on the Platform, including information about any devices or applications you have used to access our services (including the make, model and operating system, IP address, general location, browser type and mobile device identifiers) or information about how and when you used the Platform.
  • Referral Data. This is information about how you arrived at our site (i.e. if you arrive on our website from an external source, such as a link on another website or in an email, we record information about the source that referred you to us).
  • Voluntary Data. This is any other information you provide to us voluntarily, for example via the Platform or in correspondence between you and any UserTesting employee through any means of communications, including through email or other support means, or via our social media channels.

How do we use your data?

We may use the data we collect about you for a variety of purposes. European data protection legislation sets out specific “lawful bases” for processing personal data. The below sets out the basis under which we may process different information about you, and explains the purpose of that processing.



Examples of Types of Personal Data used for Purpose

Lawful basis

Contact you about your subscription to our services or your account (e.g. service related announcements, billing-related matters, changes to our services or policies)

Identity Data, Contact Data

Necessary for contract

Provide you with our services, including to provide customer support

Identity Data, Contact Data, Survey Data, Observed Data, Voluntary Data

Necessary for contract

Improve and manage our services and to create new services and features

Voluntary Data, Referral Data

Legitimate Interests

Contact you for marketing purposes (if you opt in)

Identity Data, Contact Data


Comply with legal obligations, including document retention or responding to relevant communications from supervisory authorities or other governmental authorities

Identity Data, Contact Data, Survey Data, Observed Data, Referral Data, Voluntary Data

Compliance with legal obligations