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Motorpoint + UserTesting

Learn how Motorpoint used insight from customers to build a sleek car buying experience in-store and on the company's website

Razvan Ghica, Head of Design at Motorpoint

UserTesting is now embedded into our day-to-day product design processes to build or develop insight - it’s a key part of our work.

Razvan Ghica

Head of Design at Motorpoint

  • 18%
    Increase in website leads
  • 10%
    Drop in bounce rates
  • Trackable ROI for leadership
Using UserTesting's platform is a natural step for our team today. The insights it offers, and the speed at which we can get these insights, are critical to allow us to build and optimize our digital platforms in a way that creates value for our customers and the business.
Alex Howland, Digital Marketing Director at Motorpoint
Alex Howland Digital Marketing Director at Motorpoint
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