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UserTesting Measure Insights Services provides organizations with research and analysis to help understand the competitive landscape and track progress over time.   


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Get competitive intelligence before investing

Our Insights Services team of UX researchers benchmark customers' journeys against competitors and track baseline performance over time. Benefits include competitive advantage, improved performance, customer-centric approaches, strategic planning, continuous improvement, and access to specialized expertise.

Study types available with Measure Insights Services

Competitive benchmarking study

Our Insights Service team conducts an advanced study comparing your websites to three other websites to identify areas where you can improve and gain a competitive advantage. The reports analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.

Insights delivery time: 4 weeks following completion of scoping.


Longitudinal research study

Our Insights Service team conducts an advanced study on your current (baseline) and future (re-tested) desktop or mobile sites. Re-tests will be an exact replication of the baseline to examine variable changes and trends over an extended period. The report helps to highlight the product improvement and areas of opportunity.

Insights delivery time: 4 weeks from completion of scoping.

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Work with the industry's leading UX research team

UserTesting Insights Services is a team of UX and CX specialists with 200+ years of cumulative experience, guaranteeing research quality and continuity.

Competitive benchmarking benefits

  • Clarifies market expectations through analysis of industry leaders or competitors
  • Identifies unique selling points and opportunities for enhanced market positioning and differentiated value propositions
  • Helps teams prepare a strong case for investment in optimization efforts
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Longitudinal research benefits

  • Identifies shifts in consumer behavior and preferences
  • Helps businesses stay ahead of industry disruptions and emerging trends
  • Uncovers patterns and correlations that can inform business decisions
  • Enables businesses to make more informed strategic decisions based on long-term trends and patterns
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A broad range of capabilities

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    Stay ahead of the competition with timely insights

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    Uncover UX gaps to inform future development

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    Identify industry trends to drive strategic growth

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    Gain insights into industry-leading user experiences

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    Measure impact of UX changes against a baseline

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    Track user behavior over time to identify trends and patterns

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    Measure the effectiveness of long-term initiatives

Leverage over 200 cumulative years of UX expertise

Let our team of experts surface, analyze, and deliver the insights you need to improve your product, service, and brand experiences.