Launch UserTesting tests from Adobe XD to create customer-centric designs and experiences


About Adobe XD

Adobe XD is the Adobe prototyping tool for user experience and interaction designers. Adobe XD features are used for creating wireframes, prototypes, and screen designs for digital products such as websites and mobile apps.

Plugin overview and benefits

The UserTesting plugin for Adobe XD makes it easy for designers, product, and marketing teams to launch UserTesting tests directly from Adobe XD to facilitate more customer-centric designs and experiences.

Optimize prototypes with fast customer feedback

by enabling designers with a simple and easy way to test their creations.

Streamline the collection of human insights

by creating a frictionless experience for launching UserTesting tests from the Adobe XD platform.

Reduce the burden on research teams

by allocating research resources to complex, strategic projects and empowering design teams to launch templated prototype tests.



For more information on activating and using the UserTesting for Adobe XD plugin, access our Knowledgebase article here.