Add UserTesting tests, videos, clips, or highlight reels to Trello cards to incorporate human insights in project workflows

About Trello

Trello, a subsidiary of Atlassian, is a web-based, Kanban-style, project management application providing an easy, flexible, and visual way to manage projects and organize workflows trusted by millions of people across the globe.

Integration overview and benefits

The UserTesting integration with Trello helps organizations scale human insights across more teams, workflows, and processes—empowering them to embed customer feedback in more business decisions—by providing the ability to add UserTesting tests, videos, clips, or highlight reels to Trello cards.

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Scale human insights across more teams

by making customer feedback readily available in the Trello platform.

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Embed customer feedback in more decisions

by including human insights across more business processes and workflows.

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Boost productivity and efficiency

by allowing users to engage with UserTesting studies, videos, clips, or highlight reels—without toggling between tools—to more effectively act on insights.

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For more information on activating and using the UserTesting integration with Trello, access our Knowledgebase article here.