Mobile Testing

Optimize mobile experiences to drive engagement

Discover the drivers of behaviors on mobile, including why users abandon apps, what fuels frequent usage, and how you can improve experiences to drive greater adoption.

Quickly create and launch your test to get feedback on any mobile experience

Mobile prototypes

Unreleased and in-store apps

Web-based experiences


Leverage the camera on testers’ mobile devices for even more testing possibilities

AR/VR experiences
In-home testing, incl. voice devices
“Out in the wild” testing


Test mobile experiences with diverse audiences

With UserTesting, you can test iOS, Android, and TestFlight links across a broad range of device types and countries, and meet a diverse set of demographic or psychographic requirements.


Get a direct view of real world experiences

With full screen recording, you observe everything that can be shared or shown on a mobile screen, including leveraging the camera to observe customer experiences, at home or out and about.

App testing—no SDK installation required!

We take care of SDK installation so you don't have to bother your technical teams. Just upload your IPA or APK files. It's one of the easiest and fastest ways to test your unreleased apps.


Get a holistic view of the full customer journey—across devices

Understand customers’ go-to devices and unique behaviors for the different activities, goals, and moments in their lives.