The 2017 UX and User Research Industry Survey results are in!

Posted on January 30, 2017
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Thousands of professionals shared their insights on UX and user research in this year's industry survey. Download the report to see the trends and takeaways.

The fields of user experience and user research have taken a new shape over the past few years. No longer relegated to a few lone champions in any given organization, the user experience has become the concern of everyone from product designers to senior executives. In today’s highly competitive market, customers have come to expect excellent experiences from digital products, and companies that aren’t delivering can quickly become irrelevant. Organizations are racing to understand their customers’ behavior and attitudes so they can meet their needs and earn their business. Because of growing customer expectations and increased pressure from competitors, organizations are starting to invest in user research early and often throughout development and beyond. In our fourth annual UX and User Research Industry Survey, we asked 2,238 professionals across a wide variety of industries how their organizations are approaching user experience and conducting user research. 

Key insights

This year's survey revealed several interesting trends and takeaways:

  • Rising executive support for UX efforts
  • Increases in UX research budgets and frequency
  • Research early and often throughout development
  • Growing interest in user research on competitors

Get the report

To find out how the survey trends relate to each other—and how they may impact your organization—download the full report today!

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