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How to Make Mobile Convert [Webinar, eBook, and Slides]

| July 10, 2014
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Conversion woes

Almost everyone agrees that e-commerce purchase conversion on mobile devices is poor. The conversion rate on personal computers is estimated at about 3%, while on smartphones it’s often reported to be 1% or less, according to Monetate.

Many companies assume that’s a feature of mobile computing that can’t be changed, and so they focus their investment on their personal computer sites.

Can we break the trend?

But research we’ve done here at UserTesting shows that poor conversion on mobile is caused by several design and usability problems, most of which can be fixed. In other words, the problem is not that mobile doesn’t convert; it’s that we’re doing mobile wrong.

As more and more users move from the desktop to mobile, it’s critical that e-commerce companies get mobile right.

Learn how

We’ve built a handful of resources to help you avoid the mistakes that other companies are making on mobile.