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Don’t Make These Four Common Mistakes on Mobile

| September 8, 2014
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Companies creating mobile apps and websites often underestimate how different the mobile world is. They assume incorrectly that they can create for mobile using the same design and business practices they learned in the computing world. As a result, they struggle to succeed on mobile.

These companies can waste a lot of time and money as they try to understand why their mobile apps and websites aren’t meeting expectations. They might conclude that mobile just isn’t the right platform for their business and relegate it to the back burner, losing out on countless conversions. Plus, their awkward transition to mobile leaves them vulnerable to upstart competitors who design for mobile first.

Join us at the Lean Product and Lean UX Silicon Valley Meetup on Tuesday, September 9 to learn the four most common mistakes companies make when transitioning to mobile—and how you can avoid them.

Or, if you aren’t in Silicon Valley on September 9, you can download our Four Mobile Traps eBook here.