April’s CX coffee breaks with 5 EMEA industry leaders

By Amy Kelly | May 12, 2020
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Can you go without caffeine in the morning? Or do you have some other ritual that gets you going day in and day out? Whatever your routine, it’s time to make our Espresso Webinar Series your Thursday morning staple.

Every Thursday morning (10 AM BST), our EMEA team hosts live interviews with CX and UX influencers and leaders from some of the fastest-growing and innovative European businesses. Each episode packs one-of-a-kind insights on the latest trends in UX and CX research, product development, and design into 30-minute episodes with Q&A.

Take your next coffee break with us, and catch exclusive advice, hacks, and insights you can apply to your next project. For now, let’s take a look at the sessions from April—available for you to watch anytime.

Episode 1: Deliveroo and TransferWise

In this session, we hosted Deliveroo’s Senior Manager of Consumer Experience, Stephanie McNee, and TransferWise’s Head of Design Research, Danielle Macdonald.


Stephanie and Danielle shared their perceptions on remote research in the wake of COVID-19 and any tips and tricks they’ve learned or developed for teams moving from face-to-face research to remote methods for the first time.

The technology has already been here, we’re just catching up in the ways of working with it. -Stephanie McNee on remote research

To watch the recorded session or read the transcript, follow this link.

Episode 2: Your.MD

In this session, we hosted Your.MD’s Chief Product Officer, Justin Berkovi, who believes that an ideal product environment is one that prioritizes testing and learning.

Your.MD headshot

In order to ensure that his customers are always at the heart of any product innovation, watch this session to learn how Your.MD drives a test-and-learn culture. And with COVID-19 forcing people to adapt to remote methods of testing, discover how they leverage UserTesting’s Live Conversation solution to meet face-to-face with their users.

Put your feet in the shoes of your users, and dial into empathy to find out what they are feeling.

To watch the recorded session or read the transcript, follow this link.

Episode 3: Freeletics

In this session, we hosted Natalia Suarez, better known as Natasuu. She has been working on interface design for more than nine years and has applied her knowledge to projects for Lufthansa, Sony Music, and many other large brands.

Natasuu headshot

Three years ago she joined Freeletics as a Digital Product Designer on the user experience team. Watch the recorded conversation to gain tips and tricks for fast customer feedback, as well as how she uses the UserTesting Human Insight Platform at crucial review stages during their product design process.

Become a tester yourself, so you can see what happens from the other side. -Natasuu on remote research

To watch the recorded session or read the transcript, follow this link.

Episode 4: Revolut

In this session, we hosted Domenico De Fano, Revolut’s Senior Product Owner. In this role, he oversees cards and expenses, mobile app, and API products. Before joining Revolut, Domenico founded a carpooling startup and held intrapreneur, UX designer, and software engineer positions. His mission has always been to build great products that people love using.

Revolut headshot

When building products at Revolut, their values drive their mission and help them to be quick and agile. Listen in on this episode to hear how they prioritize customer research throughout every stage of their product development lifecycle. 

In the early days, we could test products by showing them to our colleagues, friends, and families. We still do that, but it’s not enough to understand the needs and requirements of different groups of people.

To watch the recorded session or read the transcript, follow this link.

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