The pivotal role of the Chief Digital Officer

By Andy MacMillan | October 4, 2022
Chief Digital Officer

This post was originally published by our friends at CIO Dive and is shared with their permission.

With the rise of the chief experience officer (CXO), and now the chief digital officer (CDO), one thing is clear—there’s a need that’s not being met, and the creation of a new position is part of the solution. 

While the CDO title may have been around since the early 2010s, the position is still quite new, with many being the first to hold the job. This shift in hiring reflects evolving business needs, with more and more organizations prioritizing their digital transformation strategy, what with the online shopping boom and the increasing blurring of lines between digital and physical experiences. For instance, customers are now seeing everything from augmented reality-powered virtual fitting rooms to new concepts like the Nike Live stores

As users’ expectations and needs shift, CDOs must evolve with them, especially to mitigate common pitfalls like high expectations and unclear priorities. 

To illustrate how many organizations now consider the job more of a business charter than a technical one, a recent CDO search posting by the Gap said the retailer wanted someone who can lead teams “ be customer-focused, innovative, fast and results-oriented. The leader is critical in driving a culture of continuous innovation and seen as a driver and inspiration for digital innovation.”

That’s a good example of how CEOs should be thinking about the role to ensure the CDO’s success and longevity.

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