The Espresso Webinar Series, part four: highlights from the C-Suite and founder edition

By Amy Kelly | March 5, 2021
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During part four of The Espresso Series, we invited C-level executives from top European organizations, as well as founders of innovative and fast-growing startups. We welcomed our guests to share how they’re paving the way for next-level customer experience and driving a culture of empathy across their organisations. During their sessions, we learned about the value of research, the ROI of customer empathy, and their predictions for customer experience in 2021.

Episode 1: TSB

In part four, episode one, we welcomed Peter Markey, Chief Marketing Officer at TSB Bank. Peter has recently transitioned into the role of Chief Marketing Officer for Boots where he is responsible for brand, marketing, and ROI for the UK. Peter has held senior leadership roles at TSB, Aviva, the Post Office, and RSA. He is an experienced Director, who’s worked across a range of disciplines including marketing, sales, e-business, customer experience, operations, and strategy. 

TSB, Peteer Markey

During this episode, we discuss how you can drive customer empathy within your organisation and how the global pandemic is changing customers’ expectations of customer experience. 

Watch the episode, here

Episode 2: Xactly Corp

Jamie Anderson, Chief Sales Officer at Xactly Corp joined us for episode three. Jamie is a proven tech executive with a reputation for building and scaling global sales and go-to-market organizations—holding previous roles such as EMEA President at Marketo, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at SAP Customer Experience, as well as leadership roles at Adobe and Siebel.

Xactly Corp - Jamie Anderson

In this webinar, we discuss how empathy can help marketers truly understand their target audience better and help them deliver more meaningful campaigns. The main takeaway from our session with Jamie: market less, listen more. You don’t want to miss this episode! 

Watch the episode, here.

Episode 3: Purple Dot 

In our third episode, John Talbott, Co-Founder of the eCommerce startup Purple Dot joined us for a weekly shot of CX.

John Talbott is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Purple Dot. Starting his career working at investment banks and the London Olympics, he then co-founded his first startup Twizoo, a social data company that sold to Skyscanner in 2017. After leading engineering for Skyscanner’s hotels business, he got back into startups and co-founded Purple Dot, the waitlist company that helps fashion brands and retailers improve margins and reduce waste by enabling 'wait-based' shopping.

Purple Dot - John Talbott

In this webinar, we discuss how to leverage customer research and tips for building and launching products as a startup.

Watch the episode, here.

Episode 4: Pleasy Play

In episode four, we welcomed Ana Mikaela Silva, Founder and CEO of Pleasy Play. Mikaela is an entrepreneur, marketing strategist, and has significant experience in consumer goods and startups. She has lived in five countries and two continents giving her the experience she needs to understand different cultures and adapt to each of them. Married and a mom of two, Mikaela balances her professional and personal life with passion and strives to create products and services that make people's lives better. Pleasy Play was created to make intimacy effortless.

Pleasy Play - Ana Mikaela Silva

In this episode, we discuss the importance of customer feedback for startups and how it ensures successful product and marketing launches. 

Watch the episode, here.

Future of the Espresso Webinar Series

Stay tuned for part five of The Espresso Webinar Series coming soon! And don’t forget to check out our other episode recaps here:

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