iOS App Testing is Easier Than Ever: No SDK Integration, Updated Interface

By Adam Van Fossen | November 3, 2015
iOS App Testing is Easier Than Ever: No SDK Integration, Updated Interface

New updates to UserTesting’s mobile app recorder just made it easier for anyone to get started running user tests on iOS apps. You can now find out how real users experience your app without integrating an SDK.

What does the mobile recorder do?

The mobile recorder is a way for app developers to gain valuable insights about why users do what they do within an app. It does this by capturing their voice, gestures, and screen on their journey through the app experience. Thousands of companies have been leveraging UserTesting to create great, human-centered mobile experiences by testing along every stage of the app development cycle—from prototype to beta to iterative design and feature updates. Here is one story from Smule, an innovative company that makes social music apps:

So, what’s new?

The iOS mobile recorder no longer requires integration of an SDK

We know that not having to integrate a 3rd party SDK is music to an iOS developer’s ears. With that in mind, we created a secure way to test your mobile app build without the need to compile an SDK in your app’s codebase. Simply upload an .ipa file for your app (just like you would to TestFlight) and create a new app test! Our unique solution allows UserTesting to “wrap” your app file with our SDK which enables the following things to take place:

  • Display tasks and questions to the test participant while they are in your app
  • Record HD video of the test participant’s screen, as well as gestures and the participant’s voice
  • Provide security for your app—the app will not open unless the user is an authenticated UserTesting panel member. (Also, the app will not function after the test is complete.)

This new integration is an incredibly easy and secure way to get feedback on an unreleased app. Plus, as with all UserTesting research, you get to select your demographic requirements from our massive panel of test participants so you get feedback from people in your target market.  

New “Task Button” enables a more clear and precise test

The Task Button is a new way for test participants to review instructions while taking a mobile recorder test. The button is persistent but unobtrusive, and the user can move it around on their screen. The user simply taps the button, and an expanded window containing the current task or instruction will appear. Another tap will collapse the button so the user can focus on the task at hand. The Task Button replaces the three-finger tap formerly used in iOS to show or hide test instructions and questions. This new user interface removes some ambiguity and accidental tapping that occurred with the previous solution.

We love hearing from you!

We are going to continue to improve on our mobile app testing products, but we can’t do that without your feedback. Let us know how we can make UserTesting work better for you by dropping us a line at

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Adam is a former Product Marketing Manager for UserTesting. His goal is to get every mobile app developer to discover the magic of usability testing—from prototype to launch and beyond.