New eBook: The Marketer's Guide to User Testing

By UserTesting | April 7, 2015
New eBook: The Marketer's Guide to User Testing


As marketers, we love our data.

The rise of data-driven marketing has led to smarter spending decisions, more effective campaigns, and increased customer engagement. Marketers have access to more robust analytics tools than ever before. Customer relationship management (CRM) software allows marketing and sales teams to follow each customer’s specific journey from the very first interaction through to the sale and beyond.

We know exactly what’s happening on our websites, apps, and marketing campaigns.

But there’s one major problem: we don’t always understand why.

If you’re like most marketers, you’ve probably thought your job would be easier if only you understood what was actually going wrong. You have the tools to find and fix the problems, but not the insights to guide you.

In the age of data-driven marketing, guesswork is a dangerous way to run a business.

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You may have seen your campaign performance or site analytics and wondered what’s going on inside your customers’ heads.

What were they thinking when they abandoned their order? Or when they bounced from a landing page after just 5 seconds? Or when they unsubscribed from an email list? Would they have converted if you had a different design or different copy?

You may suspect you know the answers to these questions, but unless you hear it straight from the source, you’re taking a guess. And in the age of data-driven marketing, guesswork is a dangerous way to run a business.

The only way to be sure what customers are thinking and feeling is to ask them.

So how do you do that?

The answer is user testing.

In our newest eBook, we’ll show you how marketers can run user tests to find out why customers do what they do. You'll get tons of ideas for testing and optimizing your marketing efforts.

Want to learn how? Grab your copy of the free eBook!

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