New in-product template gallery makes launching tests easier than ever

Posted on April 14, 2021
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Customers now have more choices than ever before, so providing an exceptional customer experience is critical to the continued success of your business. But not everyone is a trained researcher and not every business has dedicated resources for gathering customer insight. With UserTesting’s in-product template gallery, anyone can confidently launch quality tests that uncover the insights required to exceed customer expectations.

Introducing the new in-product template gallery

The new template gallery builds on our existing template experience by creating a single location for all test plans—including Quick Answer templates, as well as personal, account, and UserTesting templates. 

in-product template gallery

A simplified view of all templates plus easy exploration of what others in your account have shared makes adding feedback to your everyday processes and decisions even easier.

  • Quickly find your frequently used templates with new easy to read details for audience and tasks, info on who last edited the test plan, and new options to sort and view 
  • Simplify access and workflows for others on your team with easy navigation to explore new templates
  • Filter and browse through personal, account, and UserTesting-created templates

More templates for gathering quality customer insights

In addition to the new in-product experience, we’re also providing even more templates designed by research experts that can be used as-is, customized to fit your exact needs, or used as inspiration for your next project. Current customers can find our new additions under the UserTesting templates tab within the template gallery. If you’re new to UserTesting and curious what feedback you can uncover with our templates, you can learn more here.

template gallery

Whether you’re a world-class research team who wants to quickly empower others, or you’re new to collecting feedback and looking for guidance, templates will help you better discover, build, and optimize the experiences you’re creating—designs, prototypes, assets, messaging, product offerings, and more.

Need some inspiration? We’ve built templates to help you:

  • Hear firsthand what people are looking for and the challenges they face before you start designing a solution with research and discovery templates. 
  • Learn if messaging, ads, and new product offerings resonate with your target audiences with templates for testing ideas and prototypes. 
  • Hone in on pain points and areas of opportunity, then test variations to fine-tune your experience with templates for launching and iterating quickly.

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