Weekly roundup: 5 resources to make prototyping your best friend

By Steven Carr | January 24, 2020
Weekly roundup: 5 resources to make prototyping your best friend

The key to any successful business begins with understanding your customers. However, ensuring that you provide them with products and experiences that they not only want but don’t find challenging or frustrating can be quite the burden to bear. This is why prototyping is a method we believe is critical to the success of any product’s development.

From limiting the expenses of development to testing design concepts and usability, prototyping your early designs will get you the rapid feedback you need to generate products that are truly customer-centric.

Check out these five resources for making prototyping a crucial component of your development process:

1. Blog: How small teams benefit from fast prototype testing

Why you should read this:

The roles prototyping and testing play in app and web development for small teams can’t be overstated. For teams that have limited capacity—and are most impacted by rework—prototyping and testing before building anything is critical. Discover why and how small teams should prototype early and often.

2. Blog: 31 prototype testing questions every designer should ask

Why you should read this:

Perhaps you’re really into prototyping already, but are you asking the right questions? Are you asking all the questions you need to get the results that help shape your decisions? In this post, review the 31 questions we’ve outlined to help you design with confidence knowing your design is moving in the right direction.

3. Blog: 5 best prototyping tools to help UI/UX designers build better products

Why you should read this:

Even the best designers need the right tools to get the job done. To help you select the best prototyping tool for you and your business, dive into our list of five of the most popular, affordable, and accessible solutions you can use today.

4. Blog: 20 questions to ask customers about your product

Why you should read this:

Businesses innately care about user experience, but sometimes don’t involve their actual customers until a project is in its final product development stages before launch. Check out this post to understand the right product questions to ask throughout your product development life cycle.

5. Ebook: The complete guide to user testing websites, apps, and prototypes

Why you should read this:

Whether you’re a designer, marketer, product manager, or CX professional new to user research, this ebook will set you on the path to collecting fast, meaningful feedback.

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