Relevance is the marketer’s new secret weapon

By Stephanie Kong | June 7, 2018
Relevance is the marketer’s new secret weapon

As a marketer myself, I’m aware of some of the challenges that face brands in an increasingly noisy and competitive marketplace. Walk down the aisle of any supermarket and you’re bombarded with an overwhelming number of options. And within your professional life, the experience is pretty much the same: every morning, your inbox is filled with introduction emails from salespeople urging you to switch, try, or otherwise give their product a shot. Customers have a lot of options and the near-instant access to information via our smartphones makes it easy to learn about and switch preferences in a heartbeat. The stakes are higher today, too. Failure to meet customers’ expectations doesn’t just result in the loss of existing business. Social media and review sites offer very public platforms to amplify discontent, which can also result in the loss of future business. In a report entitled “The Customer in Context,” CMO Council Senior Vice President of Marketing Liz Miller states that winning customers today requires “having the insight and intelligence to know where, when and how a customer expects to be greeted with value and relevance.” A report by Accenture researchers, featured in the Harvard Business Review, comes to the same conclusion: that the ‘loyalty era’ of marketing is over. Today, consumers seek out brands that are highly relevant to their needs. In our new eBook, Relevance: The Marketer's New Secret Weapon, we walk through why time-honored tactics for cultivating customer loyalty no longer work. Securing a comprehensive understanding of customer needs and expectations is the marketer’s new secret weapon towards providing fitting and fulfilling customer experiences. We also detail challenges towards this goal as well as tips for overcoming these cultural, infrastructural and technological obstacles.

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Relevance: The Marketer's New Secret Weapon

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