Weekly roundup: 5 resources for scaling research to improve CX

By Steven Carr | January 10, 2020
Weekly roundup: 5 resources for scaling research to improve CX

Today, customer experience belongs to everyone. And that means that in order to compete in the evolving Experience Economy, companies need to empower everyone in their organization to better understand customers by scaling their customer research efforts.

In the resources below, discover how you can transform your organization to be truly customer-centered by putting the value of customer feedback and human insight into the hands of everyone in your company.

1. Blog: How to improve CX by scaling customer research

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For companies who are ready, willing, and excited to take their brands’ CX to the next level, but have difficulty identifying how to accomplish it, this post shares high-level insight into what it takes to scale research and why it matters.

2. Blog: How to spend more time generating insights (and less time doing research)

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Scaling research across an organization can be a heavy lift that puts pressure on every department in order to facilitate adoption. Discover how we’ve updated our human insight platform to enable research teams to empower non-researchers to conduct studies and tests that help them make fast, insightful business decisions.

3. Ebook: 3 steps to scaling customer research (and how your business will benefit)

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Gone are the days when customer research is limited to just a few individuals or a department. In this ebook, uncover how you can scale customer research across different teams, including Design, Product, and Marketing, as well as the business benefits that come along with it.

4. Ebook: Scaling research for better CX—a how-to guide

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In this ebook, we share our recommendations for how teams can best structure and scale customer research resources within their organization. Specifically, It includes tips that executives, research experts, and research newbies can all leverage to ensure that every brand and product touchpoint is created and improved with customers in mind.

5. Webinar: Scaling human insight—how Starbucks leverages fast feedback to deliver great customer experiences

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While your cup of coffee stays the same, the experience is always changing. In this webinar, learn first-hand how Starbucks scales human insights to evolve their UX research practice and develop experiences their customers love.

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