How to spend more time generating insights (and less time doing research)

By Lacey Fabrizio | October 15, 2019
How to spend more time generating insights (and less time doing research)

Spend more time generating insights through Saved Audiences and Saved Test Plans with the ability to design, save, reuse, and share custom-built demographic specs, screener questions, and test plans.

Scaling research across an organization can be a heavy lift that puts pressure on every department in order to facilitate adoption. Despite this challenge, great things happen when you put the power of customer feedback in the hands of everyone who impacts your business’ customer experience (CX). That’s why we’re excited to announce two new UserTesting platform features—Saved Audiences and Saved Test Plans—built to make test creation easier and more efficient for anyone, on any team.

Reach your ideal audience quickly and accurately with Saved Audiences

Saved Audiences are now available within Insight Core, empowering you to design, save, reuse, and share your custom-built demographic specs and screener questions that target your ideal audience. This enables you and your teams to launch tests more quickly and confidently, by ensuring that every test is set up for success from the moment it's launched.

  • Design and share complex, hard-to-define audiences across your teams, so you can stay focused on generating insights versus project managing
  • Launch tests with common demographics and screener questions to save time and deliver results faster than ever before
  • Expand your research effortlessly with saved audiences that work across all test types (mobile, desktop, and tablet)

Saved Audiences (Saved Audiences appear during your Select Participants workflow)

Scale your expertise with Saved Test Plans

Every organization will have a different approach to structuring their research efforts. Some opt for centralized research in which experienced researchers own the entire process, others adopt a more open structure that enables everyone on the functional team to gather insights, and some take on a hybrid approach. While the approaches may differ, they all share one thing in common: the need for fast, quality, research that meets the highest industry standards. Saved Test Plans empowers any team to do just that. Easily create and share complex or hard-to-create tasks and questions, providing templated test plans that ensure your team is conducting effective research, fast. Think of it like this: researchers have the power to create and manage a library of templates that team members can easily use to quickly and confidently collect customer feedback.

Saved Test Plans

Empower non-researchers with Saved Audiences and Saved Test Plans

Without sacrificing accuracy and confidence for the ability to scale, make centralized research a thing of the past. With Saved Audiences and Saved Test Plans, your research organization can lead efforts to scale customer insights across the organization with templated audiences and test plans.  UserTesting customers on Professional or Premium subscription plans will be able to take advantage of these new features to drive ongoing wins and increase customer empathy across the business. Try Saved Audiences now or learn more in our Knowledgebase. Saved Test Plans is currently in beta. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

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