Welcome to Taxopalooza: A workshop on building taxonomies with a bit of fun

By UserTesting | June 15, 2023
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Are you a UX researcher, designer, or product manager looking for better ways to organize your customer research data and insights? Are you planning to or are in the process of building a Research repository? 🤔

👉If so,  this workshop is for you!

We hosted the one and only Eloise Marszalek, Lead Taxonomist at Udemy.

Eloise designs extensive and comprehensive taxonomies for a living and fun. Part of that involves defining new structured data elements to unlock personalization capabilities, building the semantic foundations for a knowledge graph for learning, and solving findability and product differentiation problems. Previously, Eloise worked at LinkedIn as Taxonomy Tech Lead and as a Search and Taxonomy Analyst at Kaiser Permanente.

Eloise helped us understand:

  • Why taxonomies matter and how to think about them
  • Common challenges when building a taxonomy
  • The problem with hierarchies
  • Practical ways of evolving your taxonomy over time
  • The importance of tools

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