New Feature: Test Your Mobile App With Cats

UserTesting | April 1, 2013
New Feature: Test Your Mobile App With Cats

After months of hard work we're thrilled to finally introduce cats to our tester panel. To access our cat panel, simply login to your account and choose "Cats" as your preferred species. Watch the video below for all of the details:

Frequently Asked Questions

My cat would like to join the panel. Are you accepting applicants? Yes! While not every cat has what it takes, if your cat can clearly explain her thoughts while she uses mobile apps, isn't camera shy, and loves making technology better, please let us know. Does your enterprise service also cover cat testing? Yes! For those who need to conduct large number of tests or moderated cat tests, we provide comprehensive enterprise plans. You can get feedback from hundreds of cats, analyzed and synthesized into easy to digest findings reports, without ever having to do so much as empty a litterbox. Is moderated testing available? Yes. As with human testing, remote moderated testing is available in enterprise plans. In the case of cat testing, in-person moderated testing requires an additional fee of $100 per test. This covers the cost of the safety equipment for our interns, as well as the extra insurance that our legal team requires us to purchase. How long are the videos? While a typical human tester video is about 15 minutes, we've found that the value of feline input drops significantly after 2-3 minutes. Do cats get paid like human testers? Yes. We insist that the cats get paid directly, rather than the owners receiving the pay. However, due to the extra expenses of room cleanup and replacing scratched tablet and smartphone screens, cats receive less pay than humans. Human testers receive payment through PayPal, but since PayPal does not yet allow cats to have accounts, we offer alternative forms of payment, including cans of cat food, or stock in major North Atlantic fisheries. Are other species being considered? Yes. In addition to humans and felines, we are actively exploring additional species options. Can I have the cats sign up for something that requires a credit card? Yes, as long as you can provide a dummy credit card. If this is a requirement of your test, you must indicate so in the Additional Requirements section during the test ordering process. Only about 29% of our cat panel understand how to type digits.

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