UserTesting Power-Up in Trello

Posted on October 8, 2018
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Trello helps companies of all sizes and a wide spectrum of functional teams effectively collaborate on any project. It offers team members a clear view of a project’s many moving parts, and the real-time updating means that everyone has the latest information on the progress and status of related tasks.

For these and other reasons, Trello and UserTesting work incredibly well together. With both solutions, you have clear access to information that helps you move forward quickly and with confidence.

And now, with the launch of the UserTesting Power-Up, our integration with the Trello platform, you have direct access to human insights within Trello—to further boost your productivity.

The UserTesting Power-Up allows you to attach video clips, studies, full videos, and highlight reels to your Trello boards.

Your attachments will automatically display a rich set of relevant information, which helps you and your team members understand what is contained within the video and encourage exploration. Even better, you can watch the video directly within Trello simply by clicking on the Play icon.

Now, as you are monitoring the status of your projects— like if your product and engineering teams are developing new digital experiences or your marketing team is brainstorming new campaign ideas—you can immediately view video feedback from customers or other relevant audiences to resolve any questions or concerns you may have and inform next steps.

This integration is a great time saver for customers who use both Trello and UserTesting. Instead of toggling to your UserTesting account to view the status of your studies and to watch completed videos, this information is immediately accessible on your Trello board.

And, in addition to supercharging your productivity, this helps bring your customers closer towards supporting successful project outcomes. With human insights right at your fingertips, you can ensure that the needs and opinions of your customers drive decisions and tasks as you work toward meeting project milestones and deadlines.

Learn more about the UserTesting Power-Up in Trello.

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