UserTesting gives back: helping underserved students succeed with PowerMyLearning

By Steven Carr | October 22, 2019
UserTesting gives back: helping underserved students succeed with PowerMyLearning

In a world where business can seemingly consume all of our time—blurring the lines between work and life—it’s important to take a break and give back to the community. This is why UserTesting incorporates volunteer work into the fabric of its company culture. Recently, we partnered with PowerMyLearning in the Greater Atlanta area to help local, underserved schools connect students with technology.

PowerMyLearning is a nonprofit organization committed to helping students from low-income communities, with learning differences, and who are English language learners reach their potential. PowerMyLearning accomplishes this goal through partnerships with schools and districts nationwide to transform teaching and family engagement through innovative coaching and workshops, and with their award-winning digital platform, PowerMyLearning Connect.

It takes a village to foster education

Putting desktop and laptop computers in the homes, schools, and hands of children who need them can be a massive undertaking. PowerMyLearning receives in-kind donations from businesses in the form of computers that need to be cleaned, wiped-out, and updated with software before they can be used with students.

Recently, a group of UserTesting employees went out to the PowerMyLearning warehouse to do just that. Separated into groups, we were able to impact hundreds of donated laptops by getting them ready for student use.


PowerMyLearning has volunteer opportunities in their warehouse, as well as in the classroom with students and their families. If you’d like learn how you can give back to an awesome organization, please fill out this online form.

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