Organizations stewarding positive change leverage UserTesting to create more impactful, online experiences that drive new member registrations and donations for worthy causes

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif – December 10, 2018 – UserTesting, the leading on-demand human insight platform, today announced that its OneWorld program, established to help nonprofits and charitable organizations create better user experiences, increase their donor and volunteer engagement online, and advance their missions, will focus on supporting non-profit organizations dedicated to humanitarian and inequality related causes for 2019.

Originally launched in January of 2017, and re-established in December of 2018 in honor of Human Rights Day, the UserTesting OneWorld program has a renewed focus on humanitarian and inequality focused nonprofits and charitable organizations, offering free or discounted subscriptions to the UserTesting platform and access to pro bono research projects and professional services.

Organizations including Code for America, New Story, KIVA and more have been selected by UserTesting and have benefitted from the OneWorld program by being able to experiment, test and validate their websites, apps, products, campaigns, designs, messaging, and more, in real-time, with real-world users, donors, and potential members to ensure that their brand experiences resonate with their intended audiences. With UserTesting, these organizations have been able to create more impactful digital journeys that help to build awareness for their cause and drive their mission forward.

“Code for America is working to build a more human-centered safety net. An important part of our work is validating our designs with people accessing specific government programs in specific locations. UserTesting lets us put our work in front of those users quickly and easily,” said Rachel Edelman, product designer at Code for America.

“UserTesting was created to help companies see how customers interact with their products, understand problems that their customers face and improve the overall customer experience,” said Paige Musto, vice president of corporate marketing at UserTesting. “The goal of OneWorld has been to take those same principles and help organizations that focus on creating positive change in their communities and across the world, create better user experiences and be even more impactful. We’re fortunate to be in a position where we can give back with programs like OneWorld to deserving organizations striving to stand up for equality, justice, and human dignity related causes.”

The OneWorld program already has several successful stories. Kiva, the international nonprofit that has crowdfunded more than $1.2 billion in loans for people in more than 80 countries to help alleviate poverty around the world, was awarded a OneWorld grant. Kiva leveraged the UserTesting platform to improve conversion rates for new website visitors with a focus on the point where people need to choose who to lend to, which was one of their biggest challenges. Changes made from UserTesting insights helped to drive a 24 percent improvement in the click-to-loan conversion rate, which has translated to more loans given to those who need them. By implementing a continuous learning and feedback process using UserTesting, Kiva expects their conversation rates to continue to rise. To read the full story on Kiva’s UserTesting experience visit our blog.

To learn more or to submit an application, visit the OneWorld page.

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